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British Open a Yawner

I was a little disappointed with the the British Open. I was hoping for more wind and rain (or maybe it’s because I lost my bet). Either way, without the weather, the course is defenseless. Guys were driving the greens on many par 4’s. It also didn’t help that there was no drama at the […]

2010 U.S. Open Limericks

It was a tough U.S. Open tournament this year. Pebble Beach was setup with hard, fast greens that made getting the ball close very difficult, especially on the back nine. All the big names faltered into the finish. Graham McDowell faltered just a little less to take home the championship.

Phil had his chances […]

Sloppy Winter Golf is Still Golf

It’s been a wet couple of weeks but we managed some golf anyway. The biggest problem was the sloppy condition of the course. Any shot landing in deep grass was plugged! The other problem was…

This winter golf leaves my game flat
As the ball often lands with a splat.
But the worst thing of all
Is […]