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Better Late Than Never

Mark’s been asking for months where his limerick is for the eagle putt he made last year at Summitpointe. As if I have any control over the Limerick gods. What…you think I just make this stuff up?

Mark’s asking “where the hell is my Lim
For the eagle that I putted in?”
But my talent for […]

Lazy Days of Spring

Jeff and I had a good match the other day. We were neck-in-neck until the 17th when ‘regression to the mean’ reared it’s ugly head…

His good play had tagged him contender
But he turned out to be a pretender.
A hole he made tough
With two shots from the rough,
Had left him no choice but surrender.

I […]

Limericks to Start the New Year

Time to usher in the new year with some more golf limericks. The weather’s been a little wet but not enough to stop golfing. As for you folks in the mid-west or east and caught in the grip of winter…I’ll think about you, albeit briefly, on the first tee tomorrow.

We all need golfing goals for […]

Introducing Anti-Golf Tips

There seems to be a misconception that my ‘Golf Tips’ page actually contained useful golf tips. While I may occasionally offer my golf partners useful and insightful golf tips to improve their game (usually unappreciated), I make no claims that this site will help your game in any way, shape or fashion. Your game is […]

New Record and a Hole-in-One

A hole-in-one for Joe! I’ve been playing ten times longer and how many do I have…zero.  Golf is not fair. Congratulations!

His swing from the tee lacked all grace
And hole 1 had some water to face.
So he took a stiff drink
And manage to sink
The tee shot…his first ever ace.

Mike was on fire last […]