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Next Stop Myrtle Beach!

I thought that Mike might stumble after his swing coach, Joey, moved to Bend, Oregon but then along comes Stevie to give him a putting lesson and…

Mike’s lesson brought changes into view
With putting the object of review.
He replaced his old poke
With a new smoother stroke
And tied my ‘dot’ record twenty two.

Jeffery’s game is […]

Springtime Golf and the Stanley Cup

Finally we’re getting some good golfing weather! I still haven’t broken out my shorts but some others have. I’m now playing more golf than I’m watching. Tiger has definitely taken some air out of the PGA Tour but mostly it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs. There’s some great hockey being played now so check it out […]

The One That Got Away

Here’s the funniest story of the year! We were playing at Pacific Grove near Monterey Bay, CA  and had all rented pull carts (those three-wheeled jobs that roll real easily).  As my partner was waiting his turn in the fairway, he noticed his cart starting to roll downhill. No problem, he thought as he looked […]

A Cause for Celebration

Today’s post goes out to Jeffery, golf buddy extraordinaire, who celebrates his birthday today. He’s still south of fifty…but not by much, and he’s still single…but not by much, and his game is still improving…but not by much. Happy birthday and enjoy your limericks!

Jeffery’s birthday’s today so we’ll flatter
His golf game and try […]

Does Linda Ronstadt Play Golf?

This weather is cutting into my game. Then again, maybe it’ll cool Mike off. I’m all for supporting my golf buddies to shoot good scores but not when they take my money…

A mean is an average that’s mean
‘Cause it’s cruel when it falls from extreme.
Mike’s hitting it well
But it’s time that will tell
If […]