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Next Stop Myrtle Beach!

I thought that Mike might stumble after his swing coach, Joey, moved to Bend, Oregon but then along comes Stevie to give him a putting lesson and…

Mike’s lesson brought changes into view
With putting the object of review.
He replaced his old poke
With a new smoother stroke
And tied my ‘dot’ record twenty two.

Jeffery’s game is […]

Springtime Golf and the Stanley Cup

Finally we’re getting some good golfing weather! I still haven’t broken out my shorts but some others have. I’m now playing more golf than I’m watching. Tiger has definitely taken some air out of the PGA Tour but mostly it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs. There’s some great hockey being played now so check it out […]

It’s All About the Look

Beautiful weather for golf this weekend! The only thing more stunning was the golf attire. Jeffery was looking dapper in new duds thanks to a gift-certificate-at-the-pro-shop prize, and Mark had on some wild-ass fluorescent color you only wear when you dress in the dark. Limericks for all!

Mark hit a good shot into the par 3 […]

Ya’ Filthy Animal!

Strange but true. I just carried the pond with my second shot on #11 at Summit and drove up to the green to take my chip shot. As I scattered the geese I noticed my ball was gone! Some damn goose stole my ball…and I have witnesses. I was then informed that I must take […]

Inspired by Jeffery

Here are some limericks inspired by Jeffery, friend and golf buddy extraordinaire…

A new chipper Jeffery did bring
With hope that his short game would sing
But the song sung blue
With another 92
It’s back to his flop shot swing.

An old golfer friend named Jeff
Would swing his club hard from the left
The fairways he hit
But his short game was […]