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Better Late Than Never

Mark’s been asking for months where his limerick is for the eagle putt he made last year at Summitpointe. As if I have any control over the Limerick gods. What…you think I just make this stuff up?

Mark’s asking “where the hell is my Lim
For the eagle that I putted in?”
But my talent for […]

Next Stop Myrtle Beach!

I thought that Mike might stumble after his swing coach, Joey, moved to Bend, Oregon but then along comes Stevie to give him a putting lesson and…

Mike’s lesson brought changes into view
With putting the object of review.
He replaced his old poke
With a new smoother stroke
And tied my ‘dot’ record twenty two.

Jeffery’s game is […]

Lazy Days of Spring

Jeff and I had a good match the other day. We were neck-in-neck until the 17th when ‘regression to the mean’ reared it’s ugly head…

His good play had tagged him contender
But he turned out to be a pretender.
A hole he made tough
With two shots from the rough,
Had left him no choice but surrender.

I […]

The Game is Definitely On

Mike and I played by ourselves last weekend as our partners were dropping like flies…

Our foursome was whittled to two
But we played on ’cause “that’s what we do!”
With the Sun shining bright
And cigars still to light,
Too bad that their schedules fell through.

and this was your “Johnny Miller shot of the day”. Nice tap-in […]

Christmas Golf

It’s always good to be playing golf around the Christmas holiday…

We’re golfing ’round Christmas so lets
Enjoy the good mood it begets.
I’ll share with my bro’s
Some hearty ho, ho’s
As soon as they pay off their bets!

Of course, nothing seems to affect Jeffery’s game…

A golfer named Jeffery was due
To play a good round […]