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Sloppy Winter Golf is Still Golf

It’s been a wet couple of weeks but we managed some golf anyway. The biggest problem was the sloppy condition of the course. Any shot landing in deep grass was plugged! The other problem was…

This winter golf leaves my game flat
As the ball often lands with a splat.
But the worst thing of all
Is […]

Ya’ Filthy Animal!

Strange but true. I just carried the pond with my second shot on #11 at Summit and drove up to the green to take my chip shot. As I scattered the geese I noticed my ball was gone! Some damn goose stole my ball…and I have witnesses. I was then informed that I must take […]

This Week in Limericks

The minute I recited this last line to myself, I knew it had to become a limerick…

When our friend couldn’t play we’d chafe
Though his tee shots always would strafe
Anything in play
Except the fairway
At least the water fowl were safe.

What’s golf without the occasional confusion over the rules…

A provisional had been played
‘Cause […]