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Myrtle Beach Golf

Getting to Myrtle Beach from the San Francisco Bay area is such a pain. It’s two legs minimum and this year a red-eye in order to use frequent flyer miles. Of course, once we’re there, all is forgiven…

We got in the next day at eleven,
A red-eye to reach golfer heaven.
We’re in Myrtle beach
With […]

Sloppy Winter Golf is Still Golf

It’s been a wet couple of weeks but we managed some golf anyway. The biggest problem was the sloppy condition of the course. Any shot landing in deep grass was plugged! The other problem was…

This winter golf leaves my game flat
As the ball often lands with a splat.
But the worst thing of all
Is […]

Christmas Golf

It’s always good to be playing golf around the Christmas holiday…

We’re golfing ’round Christmas so lets
Enjoy the good mood it begets.
I’ll share with my bro’s
Some hearty ho, ho’s
As soon as they pay off their bets!

Of course, nothing seems to affect Jeffery’s game…

A golfer named Jeffery was due
To play a good round […]

It’s All About the Look

Beautiful weather for golf this weekend! The only thing more stunning was the golf attire. Jeffery was looking dapper in new duds thanks to a gift-certificate-at-the-pro-shop prize, and Mark had on some wild-ass fluorescent color you only wear when you dress in the dark. Limericks for all!

Mark hit a good shot into the par 3 […]

Presidents Cup Week

We played a round (not cheap!) at the Olympic Club this week. Tough course! It hurt both me and my score…

The Olympic Club gave me a fit.
Mostly to do with my chips.
I chunked way too many
And added aplenty,
To a score I refuse to admit.

I’ve injured my elbow, it’s true.
The pain in […]