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Lazy Days of Summer Golf

Golf is a game of skill and frustration…not necessarily in that order. Even the most mild-mannered of temperament can be brought down to new lows…

When his short putt just slipped by the hole
In frustration he lost all control
And gouged out the green
On number fourteen,
Like something carved out by a mole.

Embarrassed, […]

Springtime Golf and the Stanley Cup

Finally we’re getting some good golfing weather! I still haven’t broken out my shorts but some others have. I’m now playing more golf than I’m watching. Tiger has definitely taken some air out of the PGA Tour but mostly it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs. There’s some great hockey being played now so check it out […]

Tiger’s Taking All the Heat

You’ll have to pardon all the new looks for the site. I can’t make up my mind. It’s a good thing we got a round in over the weekend because its gotten cold although Tiger’s still feeling the heat. He’s a limerick writers dream! Take a look at my new Golf Tips section. You can’t […]

Boulder Ridge and the Rules

Some courses just seem to leave an indelible mark that never goes away no matter how many times you play them…

Boulder Ridge is so aptly named,
With rocks its big claim to fame.
Foreboding despair,
Hangs in the air
You win if you only get maimed.

The ‘Kiln’ , I have coined the new name,
For your […]

This Week in Limericks

The minute I recited this last line to myself, I knew it had to become a limerick…

When our friend couldn’t play we’d chafe
Though his tee shots always would strafe
Anything in play
Except the fairway
At least the water fowl were safe.

What’s golf without the occasional confusion over the rules…

A provisional had been played
‘Cause […]