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Great Ryder Cup Finish, Poor CBS Telecast

This was one of the best Ryder Cup tournaments although much of it I missed. With the rain delays and CBS insistent on showing it live (starting at 1:00 am on the west coast), I missed most of the TV telecast. Fortunately, I caught the last part of the last day to see the dramatic finish.

I really didn’t care who won. The PGA Tour is international and many of my favorite players are non-American. The whole thing is becoming more of an anachronism. Many players are excluded because they are not European or American. The Presidents Cup is a lame attempt to address this but what about a Cup for the Europeans vs. the Internationals? Regardless, I have no complaints. I like the format, the golf is excellent and the drama is good.

The U.S. tried hard with a rally
After two days that saw them just dally.
But the lead was to great
To fully negate
And they fell a point short in the tally.

The crowd got engaged and was roaring
The excitement and tension were soaring,
But host CBS
Missed the largesse
‘Cause most of their viewers were snoring.

If the Ryder Cup weather in Wales
Continues to soak with it’s gales,
To keep up their speed
The Captains’ will need
To outfit their golf cart with sails.

The Euro’s good play and moreover
The use of a lucky white clover,
Should bring home a win
But to their chagrin
The rain had the Cup runneth over.

The play of the U.S. just sucked
It’s as if they were on self-destruct.
Perhaps they should deign
In lieu of the rain,
To seek the advice of a duck.

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