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Springtime Golf and the Stanley Cup

Finally we’re getting some good golfing weather! I still haven’t broken out my shorts but some others have. I’m now playing more golf than I’m watching. Tiger has definitely taken some air out of the PGA Tour but mostly it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs. There’s some great hockey being played now so check it out if you haven’t done so already.

One of my playing partners finally managed to face down his nemesis hole.  A soul crunching, game wrenching, uber difficult shot over water on a…116 yard par 3! Then again, he plays with a Noodle.

Hole seven was always beyond
His shot-making skill to respond.
But this time his swing
Had just enough zing
That he managed to carry the pond.

Mike’s come up with a new and novel excuse for hitting bad shots…

His pitch shot did much to remove
The hope that his score would improve.
After hitting it thin
He said with a grin,
“I hit the ball on the wrong groove.”

Manny wins the award for student of the year! If  everyone else would just listen…

When Manny came seeking advice
On a tee ball gone hooking left twice,
He asked Johnny “Why?”
Whose expert reply
Was “a later release will suffice.”

So Manny then heeded this sage
And re-teed to write a new page.
A high soaring draw
The envy of all
Showed this Johnny as wise beyond age.

Finally, here’s a new dirty trick in the fairway that I’d never heard before…

A tee in the fairways forbidden
But some, if integrities slidden,
Will try to disguise
Improving their lies.
Green Lifesaver tees will stay hidden.

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