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Masters Week

It was a great Masters tournament this weekend! A lot of different players had a chance to win but Phil took the honors again. Here are some limericks of the notables…

The field at the Masters was lined
With the best in the world as designed.
The back-and-forth play
Concluded a day,
When Lefty had left them behind.

It was Kim who came charging up hard
The birdies just filling his card.
But four shots away
On the final round day
Left his dreams of a green jacket marred.

I bet on Ernie this weekend and lost. He can play really well one week and then disappears back in the pack the next. He’s still not back in the elite group who always play well in the big tournaments…

Up ’til now Ernie’s play has been great
But this weekend was slow out the gate.
Three rounds over par
Doesn’t get very far,
At the Masters it won’t even rate.

Did you see those shoes on Freddie? No socks and what looked like casual boat shoes. The guy is as non-plussed as ever…

You know from his game that he’s ready
With his play on the Champions tour heady.
The relaxed easy style
Of his play will beguile,
Because everyone still loves Freddie.

Finally, what I thought would be a bright sunny day turned into a cloudy, 30 mph sustained wind. I thought I was having a bad day until Mike shared last nights dinner selection…

The golfing this weekend was rough
With a steady wind making it tough.
But Mike had to cleanse
Gandhi’s revenge
From an Indian burrito’s rebuff.

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